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FFXIStyle v1.10

The update just added the new button for the auto-sorting function and some new icons/escriptions for the new JAs/Spells so I updated the DATs to contain these changes. Also :

- Fixed Enspells icons to make the sword a bit more visible.

- Reduced the relief effect from item slots to be nicer. (Thanks to Starhawk for the suggestion)

- Added many new icons :
Gradual Petrification :
Foe Sirvente :
Adventurer's Dirge :
Drain Samba :
Aspir Samba :
Drain Daze :
Aspir Daze :
Haste Daze :
Building Flourish :
Footwork :
Hasso :
Klimaform :
Retaliation :
Sekkanoki :
Tabula Rasa :
Trance :
Velocity Shot :

So now all or almost all spells and JA must have their icon besides the Merit ones (which are my next step), BarStatus Songs and some Blue Spells.

Here's the new pack : FFXIStyle v1.10

Please tell me if there's any bug and sorry for the little waiting. ^^'
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