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FFXiUIMod Installer by Aikar

Hello everyone ^^

Today, I would like to present you an installer Aikar, from Windower.net, made.

This installer will allow you to use FFXIStyle (along with other mods) without switching your DATs manually ! You will even be able to uninstall it causing it to restore the default UI back.

To install FFXIStyle :

1. Download FFXiUIMod Installer here : http://ffxi.us.to/FFXiUIMod.exe
If you have any problem please report here : http://forums.windower.net/index.php?showtopic=14680

2. After reading the license agreement carefully, you'll be taken to the Mod installation screen.

3. Choose your resolution, Standard or Widescreen (actually FFXIStyle is done for 16:10 not 16:9 as it says but well doesn't really matter, it's widescreen anyway)

4. Choose "FFXIStyle 1" for the UI. (You can also choose FFXIStyle + Tetra Master Cursor done by Icehunter if you like this cursor more. :) preview screenshot)

5. Choose "FFXIStyle 1" for the Icon Set or "FFXIStyle 2" if you want the custom Utsusemi Icon :

6. Choose any other mods you want and you'll be taken to the background selection which will replace your first background in your options.

7. Choose the one you like or skip this screen if you don't need any.

8. The installer download the files you've chosen and your done ! :)

To uninstall you just have to do the same but choose "FFXI Default". Be careful after an FFXI update, the files used for restoration may have not been updated yet.

For now, I think I will still provide an archived version of FFXIStyle. But since FaServers is going to shut down, I'll only use Filefront now. EDIT : I just discovered that Filefront deleted my FFXICartography archives, since Aikar provided me a new host, I'll use that one instead, thanks to him ^^.

Keep in mind, this installer is only for FFXIStyle, FFXICartography still need to be manually downloaded and installed. ^^

Did I forget something ? Well, I'll edit if I did. :)
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