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FFXIStyle v1.13a

Hello ^^

Here's a small update of the 1.13 version. I just added a few icons and modified Building Flourish icon because the official icon of Saber Dance was almost the same as my edit.

Enlight :
Enfire II :
Enblizzard II :
Enaero II :
Enstone II :
Enthunder II :
Enwater II :
Building Flourish :

It is also available for FFXIUIMod Installer, so you can update if you want.

When you have an issue, please tell me what is your POL language and if you're using widescreen or not ! This can help me to understand what is your problem or locate where I did something wrong in some cases. Screenshots are also a nice idea to illustrate your issue.

But keep in mind that I will not be able to resolve all of the user errors.

>> FFXIStyle v1.13a
>> FFXIStyle v1.13a for Widescreen
>> Backup files
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